If you were one of the people that thought WWW in the early days meant the “Wild Wild West” hopefully you have bounced back from that presumption and have fully embraced the importance of the internet as a basic core of your business.

Currently there are over 328 million mobile phones in use in the United States alone with over 100 million smartphones in use. It is anticipated that by the end of 2013, more people will be accessing the internet through their mobile phones than they will with their personal computers.

Not only are consumers  searching for their favorite restaurant but  also looking for services such as a local plumber, dentist or to schedule an appointment with an attorney. In addition to services, consumers are searching for information to aid them in high end products such as an automobile.

Savvy shoppers are  accessing QR codes at big box retail establishments for price comparisons and then going to their favorite coffee shop to get online and purchase through an online retailer on their tablet. What ever the product or service is, they are making their decisions on their mobile device.

BUT...Don't miss this Mobile Phone Call, it might not be as kind to you as being late to the party on the internet.

You're not alone in this “missed call” of businesses embracing the mobile revolution. Just ask outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini. Intel has less than 1% (.2%) market share. That's right less than 1% of  Intel chips are in any mobile device. And they are a multi-billion dollar corporation. If Intel can fail, then the chances of your business being hurt by not jumping on the bandwagon will be self evident.

Now is the time to be smart about getting your business to embrace mobile. As a small business you are further ahead of the game than your Fortune 500 counterparts. Even companies in the industry missed the mark. Oxymoronic how Nokia and Research in Motion embraced? the SMARTphone that most of us don't leave home without. Seven years ago Nokia had over 34% market share in the global mobile phone market.  Today they have less than 10% (8.2% IDC) and Blackberry has less than 7%. Pretty DUMB for a bunch of industry leaders and the Apple iPhone wasn't even invented yet (intro June 9, 2007).

The good news is that you don't need to have an entire department dedicated to transforming your business to having a mobile presence. This isn't about having a mobile presence that rivals “A Superbowl Half Time Show” , which is what most large corporations have allowed their internet presence to become. Bells, buzzers, Flash all of which are totally unnecessary. Today's mobile users want information fast, simple, precise and now. 

Sixty four percent of mobile phone users expect your page to load in no longer than 4 seconds.  Sixty percent of tablet owners expect your site to load in no longer than 3 seconds.
Over 90% of mobile sites are less than user friendly and the load time is on average 11 seconds. Plenty of room for you to learn from others mistakes and have the opportunity to delight your customers and prospects.

Mobile phone users search for a business 59% of the time, call that business 61% of the time and 88% take action on that search the very same day. This holiday season it is expected that four out of every five mobile phone users will use their devices in some way to assist in their shopping. Something you don't want to ignore.

To help you in making sure your mobile campaigns are successful, there are all of the analytics that you expect at your disposal to measure your presence in the mobile space.  Additionally there are sophisticated tools that can track your customers search activities including the ability to know where they are in relation to where your business is located. Remember they call 88% of the time and when they do they are in your neighborhood ready to buy.

So what are you waiting for? The phone is ringing and you don't want this one to go to voice mail. Things could be worse. You could be Meg Whitman, a company with an acquisition under SEC investigation and a PC market gone to hell.

Maybe this holiday season they can put HP on the auction block at eBay and see who is the highest bidder. I might even bid on it and pay for it with my mobile payment application on PayPal. Wouldn't that be ironic?

Time to get focused on a lighter subject, football power rankings and  turkey.



    After being in technology for over 30 years I might have something useful and informative to say...Maybe :)




    November 2012